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Our Services


We Buy, Sell, & Trade

We will give you the best price on your guitar or gear.  Don't go to a pawn shop to see your equipment.  We will give you the best price.

Click on the picture above to get a quote on your guitar.


Custom Builds

Duration and time varies depending on the desired specifications. We build custom electric guitars.  


Click on the picture above to contact us about a custom build.


The Works

The works includes a full setup with a neck adjustment, polishing of the frets, fretboard cleaning, and new strings.  Everything you need to make your guitar play well. 

This service cost $100


Guitar Setup

We will setup your guitar to play exactly how you like it.  Electric or acoustic guitars new and used.  Our price is $45.


Fret Polishing

We will clean and polish the frets so they will look and play like new.  Our price is $25.


String Change

We will put a new set of strings on your guitar.  The services is $10 plus the cost of the strings.

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